• What you can learn...

    How to use layers, changing backgrounds, retouching, photo illustrations, special effects, compositing, blending two or more images together,

    Text effects, using filters and special effects, lighting effects, colorizing black and white images, photo restoration, creating graphic elements, logos, book covers, album covers, magazine covers, type on a path, and so much more...

    From beginners to more advanced

    My method is easy to follow

    You will learn what you need to know about Photoshop in easy to follow personalized lessons.

  • Photo Restoration

    Restoration and Colorized

    Restore your old or damaged photos.

    Fix Tears, creases and missing pieces.

    Restore your old or damaged photos.

    Remove unwanted objects or people

    Restore your old or damaged photos.

    Restorations - $50.00 - $100 per hour depending on difficulty. Please call for more details.


    Compose your images with a new view.

    Baby at Christmas time

    Restore and colorize you old and faded pictures.

    Restored and colorized

    Change the focus of your favorite animal or person.

    Focus subject

    Restore faded colors.

    Restore your old faded photos.

    Restore badly damaged photos.

    Restore your old damaged photos.

    Restore badly damaged photos.

    Restore your old damaged photos.

  • Learn to create what you can imagine.

    A digital world just for you...

  • About Me

    I have always enjoyed working in a creative environment and know that it is what I am best suited for.
    During my many years as a freelance graphic artist and my time as an employee in both corporate and privately owned companies I have been able to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to complete many professional level projects. My ability to work with my clients on a project or to tutor them with one on one lessons has always been appreciated by the people I have worked with.
    My goal is to teach others to use Photoshop so they can reach their creative goals, or to complete their graphics projects for them if they need it done fast.
    Specialties: Photoshop, social networking, video editing, sound and music editing, recording, CD/DVD creation, basic animation, graphic design, guitar, keyboard and anything creative.











    Before and After Images & Other Artwork.

    Digital art is fun

    You can can learn to have fun with Photoshop too, contact me to schedule your first lesson.

    Before and After Composite Image.

    Digital art is fun

    You can learn to cut out people or objects from one photo and place them into a new

    background, just like this image.

    Before and After Novelty Magazine Cover

    Digital art is fun

    Learn to create Magazine Covers, for your business, or novelty.

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Me = Awesome.

    1286 Discovery Street, San Marcos, Ca 92078
    Mon - Sun 10:00am-5:00pm
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